Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mycarlao - The one and only in my life~ ^^

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mycarlao - Helmet design from Mycarlao

During working on the Mecha Head Design series Wave 2, this helmet design pop up in my mind and after done the sketch on it, i'm really into it. 

The design completed via Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and banner creation done via photoshop.

Hence, i started to creating Rockman (Megaman for western) helmet by applied own detail design 
on it~

In this project, the Rockman Helmet design had covered from Rockman and Rockman X (from X1 to X8)

Beside the Rockman helmet design, i also created Antman's helmet and some banner creation which you can found in this post~

Mycarlao - Mycarlao in Social Media

Beside usual activity at the Blogspot, Mycarlao recently also available at several social media such as  Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter~ Do follow Mycarlao from these awesome social media~ ^^
Simply click on the images below and it'll bring you to the respective Social Media~  


Mycarlao - Mecha head series project wave 2!!

Continue with the first Mecha Head series project which i completed some time ago, I'm glad to announce that Mecha Head Series Project wave 2 is finally released!!!!

Beside the usual mecha head design,  Mycarlao from Mycarlao,  Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion, Storm trooper from Star Wars, Kamen Rider mask also included in the this series~ ^^

These design completed via Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and banner creation done via photoshop.

Hope you guys like them and i'll be planning to work on wave 3~

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mycarlao - BearBrick Series 30 quick view

Here is a quick view on something cute and special for Bearbrick Series 30.

In this series, the "Basic" Bearbrick will able to transform to "Fly mode~"
Photos below showing how it transform~

Here is the video on how it transform and roll away~~~^^ Love it~!

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