Friday, February 16, 2018

Mycarlao - Illustration: Happy Chinese New Year 2018


Happy Chinese New Year 2018!!
May this new year bring you prosperity and good luck~

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mycarlao - Rockman a.k.a Megaman in color~

I had done a sketch about rockman a.k.a megaman back in 2017. 

I like the sketch very much and i decided to color it at 2018. 

Here is the final outcome and i like it very much ^^ 

Here is the sketch version which i done back in 2017

Sketch vs Color ^^

It also look good when it worked as phone wallpaper~ ^^

Mycarlao - Frog girl illustration

Recently my place is having rain season. 

There is a frog which near my apartment caught my attention. 
This frog was doing some soft of cute thing.. it like to make noise at the drainage and the effect is its sound became very loud as the drainage act as loudspeaker. It seem enjoy on it.

This action had inspired me to create this character - Frog girl. 
Frog girl with a loudspeaker mecha as her companion

I'm really happy with how it turn out when i finish this illustration. Hence, i also created a desktop version wallpaper and make it my current desktop wallpaper. ^^

I'm also doing some test print on the hardcopy and i'm really like how it turn out too ^^

In this blog, i had created several version of wallpaper and open for free download. ^^

At below images, just click on the images and save them into your desktop or phone. 
Hope you guys like them~ ^^

Desktop version wallpaper download:

Phone version wallpaper download:

Phone Version with resolution (2960x1440) download: 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mycarlao - Mycarlao drawing in hardcopy

Test run? May be~ more productive? YES!!

Frog girl character on hardcopy~ ^^

Mycarlao - Art Trade 2018

Today i had completed an art trade with an awesome Artist who know as taragraphika93 

Below are the artworks which created by both of us~ 
Right: Mycarlao

really love this artwork very much~ it look sooo details~ ^^

The artwork design are base on an sketch which done by me last year.
Below are the snap shot about it. ^^

Here is my artworks created base on his original character~
And this is also my first full color illustration on 2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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