Monday, March 28, 2016

Mycarlao - Bearbrick Series 31 short view~

This is a short post talking about two cute Bearbricks i grabbed recently from Bearbrick Series 31.

Here is a box view for Bearbrick Series 31.

I random choose two boxes and these are what i get.  Beside these two, you can found other choices and picture below show the available Bearbricks you can pick in this series.

Here are the name for the two Bearbricks i pick up~ 

First one here known as Basic.

And the other one design base on Minecraft

That's about it about the Bearbrick series 31. 

Here are some other posts i wrote about Bearbrick. You might found them interest as well~ Enjoy~ 

Click on the images below to view more^^

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mycarlao - Doodle at another hot day~

Working on another doodle at another hot day~

Mycarlao - Mecha head series project wave 3.. may be

Here is some throw back and also a small post talking about the Mecha Head Series Project wave 3. 
Being on hold on Wave 3 due to some issue and here is the latest character created - Shinji Ikari.

By this creation, the main Evangelion pilots had gather together~ Hopefully i can resume back the Wave 3 creation soon as i like this series very much and really enjoy in creating them. ^^

Asuka Langley Soryu from Mecha Head Series Project wave 2

Ayanami Rei from Mecha Head Series Project wave 1

Three of them actually do combined together in postcard format and available for selling during Comic Fiesta 2015.

Beside Shinji Ikari, Ultraman Manga Version also available in Mecha head series project wave 3

Here are posts regarding Wave 1 and Wave 2. 
Click on the links below to read further~

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mycarlao - Latest Bat Mobile~

Last weekend there is a event about the Batman Vs Superman movie held at Pavilion KL, Malaysia. 
There is a cool Bat mobile displayed in the event~!!

Here is the view from high ground~ Can't wait to see the movie

Close look on this awesome car~ It look so cool~ ^^

Batman: "I need to go back to the Bat Cave now..."

Full armor batman lego minifig also visited the event~!

Batman: "Hey there, finally we meet.."

Mycarlao - Evangelion 01 model kit quick view

Recently just completed build this awesome kit -  Evangelion 01 model kit from Bandai. 
Being waiting for this kit for very very very long time and now it finally here. 
Here is a quick post and will be writing a full post about it soon. :)

Eva 01 is trying to do something special~ :p

Sunday, March 6, 2016

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