Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mycarlao - When Ultraman meet King Cup Noodle

Ultraman: Hmmmm... what to eat for today?
Someone from nowhere: How about Cup Noodle? There is a king size which you currently sitting on~ 
Ultraman: Really?!

King Cup Noodle, a very big size cup noodle. Here is a comparison with SHFiguart Ultraman and Mechatrowego

Wow~!!! Inside got many prawns~^^

Mycarlao - Inktober 2015 (First progress update)

 Recently working with Inktober which drawing one artwork per day with ink for whole October. Currently i successfully completed 10 drawing~~  Hopefully able to complete for whole October~
Here is the first 10 days artworks~ Hope you guys like it. ^^

Day 1. When Ultraman off her helmet~ ^^. pose reference from eisaku kubonouchi

Day 2. Meowsan~ My favorite character~

Day 3. Kamen Rider V3 mask in action~~

Day 4. Zaku henshin!!!pose reference from eisaku kubonouchi

Day 5. I want to be Megatron~~^^

Day 6. Koro sensei: "Kawaii~~"

Day 7. Quick one for today. Gundam Barbatos sd version 

Day 8. TV boy, my old time imagination friend~

Day 9. TV boy: what happen?

Day 10. I'm Blackbeard (mycarlao version) hello hello hello how low? 

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