Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mycarlao - Love Love from Twins Angels~

Love Love from Twins Angels~ ^^

Mycarlao - Upcoming artworks from Mycarlao

The photo below show some upcoming artworks from Mycarlao~ ^^

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mycarlao - Re-ment Memories of High School Life overall review~

This post had consolidated all the posts which talk about the Re-ment Memories of High School Life.
You may click on the images below to view more about each post's details~ Enjoy^^


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mycarlao - Build Fighter Support Weapon: Giant Gatling quick review~

This post will have a quick review about Build Fighter Support Weapon - Giant Gatling~
This support weapon is able to equip on 1/144 scale or 1/100 scale model kit. For this post, 1/144 Grimoire will be the model kit who carry this huge weapon. It's just tooo awesome to me. ^^

Will have a complete review about this weapon on 1/144 scale and 1/100 scale.

There is a post talking about Grimoire, simply click on the image below to find out more. ^^

Mycarlao - Lego City 2015 quick review

Recently Lego released two new environment for Lego City series: Deep Sea and Space. 
For this post will be talk about the starter set for this two environment. ^^

For this deep sea set, it has one diver minifig only. 

For the space set, it have total 4 minifigs. Like the astronaut design very much! ^^

Mycarlao - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Mechatrowego~ ^^

Mechatrowego recently have its new phone~ Samsung Galaxy Note3
There are two color available for wego to choose: Black and White.

Wonder how big is it? Here is a size comparison between real size Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and wego size Samsung Galaxy Note 3. ^^

I'd worked on a comic which talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 too. Here is the post which show more details about it~

And recently Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had updated the android version to the latest version (Lollipop). You can reach in this post for more details about the android version.

You might not really know about what is Mechatrowego. Here is a post which will talk more about Mehcatrowego~ Enjoy~!!!

Mycarlao - Weekend toy photography #1

Another weekend toy photography~ ^^

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mycarlao - Transformer Grimlock quick review

This post will be a quick review about Grimlock from latest transformer animation series - Transformers Robots in Disguise. 

By the way, the design look like Godzilla to me. :p

Planning to working on some modification on this figure so it look more animation accurate.
Will upload more photos once it is complete. :)

The design for Grimlock in robot mode look very cool and the transformation for this figure also very simple and easy to remember. ^^


Mycarlao - Minions gang from Mcdonalds Malaysia 2015

McDonald Malaysia recently released Minion toys in the Happy Meals~

I do bought some of them and work on some quick photography and videos for them~ ^^

P/S: Sound not included in this toys~ :p

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