Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mycarlao - Happy Birthday To Mycarlao~!!!

Just a quick and simple post about Mycarlao~

Today is Mycarlao's Birthday~! (April 29, 2009)

Happy Birthday Mycarlao~!!! ^^

Mycarlao - 1/144 GH-001 Grimoire (Custom decal version)

Awesome gift for this special date ^^ 
GH-001 Grimoire (custom decal version). I love it very much!!! 

Here is a comparison of the model kit with and without decal

Front view:

Back view:

Thanks for watching~ !!

Mycarlao - Intuos Pro Medium unboxing

Feeling very happy today as i have some hardware upgrading - Intous Pro medium size
Hope there will be more new designs and artworks created via this awesome hardware~ ^^

For this post, Danboard will be working on simple unboxing. So do enjoy the photos~

Danboard: "The outlook of Intuos Pro packaging."

Danboard: "Welcome from Intuos Pro!"

Danboard: "The package 1st layer content"

Danboard: "Several pen nibs available different drawing need~"
Wall E come said hi~!!

Danboard: "The package 2nd layer content"

Danboard: "That's all~ Thanks for watching~!!!"

Mycarlao - Transformer DOTM Bumblebee (detailed version)

This post will be talking about Transformer DOTM Bumblebee detailed version. 

For this version i had working on some panel lining and detail painted. Really like this figure very much as for me it really look more closer to the design in the movie.

Hope your guys enjoy the photos~ ^^

Vehicle Mode:

Robot Mode:

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