Friday, December 25, 2015

Mycarlao - Digimon: Omegamon fanart

Digimon: Omegamon fanart

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mycarlao - First Order Storm trooper need big gun~!!!

First Order Stormtrooper: "You got a big gun, it is so cool~"
Stormtrooper: "Thanks, yours also not bad~"
First Order Stormtrooper: "But i feel like i want something as big as yours"

First Order Stormtrooper: "I found this~! How is it? Awesome?"
Stormtrooper: "Wow! That's big!!"

First Order Stormtrooper: "I think this is something i want for my work~ :p"

Mycarlao - Comic Fiesta 2015 about Mycarlao and event quick view~

This year was a special year for Mycarlao. 
Mycarlao had collaborated with Vann Law, an awesome artist to held a booth at Malaysia largest ACG anime event which takes place at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center(MIECC) this coming weekend (Dec 19 - Dec 20)~!

In this post, i'll be doing a quick view on our booth and some photos (mostly from Danny choo's booth. :p) at the event.

Tada~~~ our booth view at the Basic Artbooth zone~

Our booth called as CARAVAN and here is the logo design~
There is a post talking about our booth as well. Click on this link to find out more~ ^^

During the event, i had created some unique packaging for the customer who bought Mycarlao's merchandise at our booth!

Comic Fiesta will have the 100 days countdown artwork session every year~

Here is an artwork i submitted for 100 days countdown

Manage to snap little photo (really little.. lol) when try to walking around the event. 

This cosplayer look really awesome~!! Try guess what he/she is cosplaying. :)

Manage to drop by Danny Choo's booth  and snap some photos~
I always enjoying drop by Danny Choo's booth during event as there is a lot of small dolls~ 

That's all for this post, tonight is Christmas eve~ Merry Christmas~! ^^

Mycarlao - Christmas Illustration featuring Mirai Suenaga fan art

Christmas is around the corner~ 
So, I created an illustration regarding Christmas fanart featuring Mirai Suenaga
Hope you guys like it and Merry Christmas~! ^^

Friday, December 18, 2015

Mycarlao - Mycarlao at Comic Fiesta 2015

This year will be a special year for Mycarlao. 

For the first time, Mycarlao will collaborate with Vann Law to held a booth at Malaysia largest ACG anime event which takes place at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center(MIECC) this coming weekend (Dec 19 - Dec 20)~!

Our booth is Caravan, located at E40 (Basic Artbooth).
You can enlarge the images below by clicking on it. :)

Below are some goodies from Caravan.

Awesome artwork from Vann Law. 

Mycarlao will be selling postcard and miniature.

Here is the postcard design:

Snap shot for miniature~

The miniature is fit for any 3 inch doll including Nendoroid~

Please do drop by our booth! See you there~!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mycarlao - First Order Storm trooper model kit helmet quick view

Today is Star Wars latest movie - Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
So this post will talking something about the First Order Storm trooper model kit.... helmet~

I'm in the middle working on this awesome kit. Current progress - helmet completed~!
The helmet design was really cool~~ Love it ^^

Comparison with Storm trooper helmet. Which one you like most? :)

Storm Trooper: "Time for some new helmet?"

The reason seem not bad~

Hope you guys like this post and enjoy the movie!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mycarlao - When Ultraman meet King Cup Noodle

Ultraman: Hmmmm... what to eat for today?
Someone from nowhere: How about Cup Noodle? There is a king size which you currently sitting on~ 
Ultraman: Really?!

King Cup Noodle, a very big size cup noodle. Here is a comparison with SHFiguart Ultraman and Mechatrowego

Wow~!!! Inside got many prawns~^^

Mycarlao - Inktober 2015 (First progress update)

 Recently working with Inktober which drawing one artwork per day with ink for whole October. Currently i successfully completed 10 drawing~~  Hopefully able to complete for whole October~
Here is the first 10 days artworks~ Hope you guys like it. ^^

Day 1. When Ultraman off her helmet~ ^^. pose reference from eisaku kubonouchi

Day 2. Meowsan~ My favorite character~

Day 3. Kamen Rider V3 mask in action~~

Day 4. Zaku henshin!!!pose reference from eisaku kubonouchi

Day 5. I want to be Megatron~~^^

Day 6. Koro sensei: "Kawaii~~"

Day 7. Quick one for today. Gundam Barbatos sd version 

Day 8. TV boy, my old time imagination friend~

Day 9. TV boy: what happen?

Day 10. I'm Blackbeard (mycarlao version) hello hello hello how low? 

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