Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mycarlao - New Header banner creation

Did not work on some decoration for Mycarlao site for long time. Is time to make some new thing for it~ First to start, header banner~ . ^^

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mycarlao - Quick sketch: Zaku Tired Face

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mycarlao - New Kinokuniya Privilege Card

The Kinokuniya Privilege Card (Mirai Print) had reached it expiry date and is time to moving forward to a new one. So i head up to the Kinokuniya and look for renewal. 

For the renewal, i'm happen to renew my card with Lawak Kampus Print from Keith Chong (Gempak Staz).

The design for this new card is cute and is also come with postcard which can call out the 3D animated Froggy~ ^^

Here is the instruction on how to get the App which call out the 3D animated Froggy~

Beside the post card, the 3D animated Froggy also can call out via privilege card~

So now, the Mirai print officially join the Touch and Go Card (Mirai Print) You can read a post which i done about these cards many moon ago~

Mycarlao - Initial D AE86 Trueno (Takara Tomy)

Initial D AE86 Trueno,  awesome car figure created by Takara Tomy in it Dream Tomica Series.^^

The original car painting is already very good looking. But with some small modification, it can became ever better~ For this case, I used lining marker and black marker pen. The result is really good~

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mycarlao - Egg Plane (Macross plus YF19)

Remembered that i posted something about this egg plane back in 2013 and now it finally completed. >.<
Another cool and cute egg plane after VF-1A/J Valkyrie

Some comparison between Macross Plus YF19 and  VF-1A/J Valkyrie. Both of them are very awesome!!!! Like it very much!! You may reach this link for the blog which i had done for VF-1A/J Valkyrie too. ^^

Mycarlao - SHFiguarts Wild Tiger (Movie Version)

Hello everyone~ Here is some photos sharing on the SHFiguarts regrading a character from an animation series "Tiger & Bunny" - Wild Tiger (movie version)

Wild Tiger for this version come with several hands for posing and i think it look very cool and some of it look funny. :) You may able to see several pose in coming photos which i had done with these hands.

Beside those hands, it  also come with two Wild Shoot grappling hook attachments. A little bit sad because it did not come with Good Luck Mode arm and it only come on first version.

There is a base come together with this figure and this cool base allow Tiger to do some air posing. ^^

Overall i like this figure very much! Hope you guys like this as well. :)
For the time being, enjoy the photos~

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