Monday, June 30, 2014

Mycarlao - Optimus Prime (Movie version) dual model kit

Optimus Prime (Movie version) dual model kit, a transformer which cannot transform. :p
But the robot mode outlook, i think it should be the the most movie accurate.^^
Now, let's enjoy the photos. ^^

* Click on the image to enlarge.

Size comparison with the Deluxe Class LockDown. :)

Accessories come together with the model kit.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mycarlao - Bearbrick Collection: Robocop and Eva 13 focus

Some photos about the Bearbrick~ For this post, more photos for Robocop and Eva 13 as i like them very much!! ;p


Mycarlao - Something about Lego minifig

Some photos about the Lego Minifig collection. :)

Mycarlao - Cute Little Zaku

A very cute key chain size Zaku~ Done some line on it but the result seem no so bad.. More practice need!!!! :p

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