Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mycarlao - Ironman Mark XLII drawing

Hi all, sorry for no updating this blog for looooooong time. Was busy with some other work and just finished recently. Phew~ finally can update some blog here. ^^

This post i'm going to present my new artwork - chibi Ironman Mark XLII.
Recently when browsing at Good Smile Company site, i found one cute nendoroid which design base one Ironman Mark 7. The design was very cute and with IronMan 3 Movie release, i'm thinking to drawing a chibi Ironman Mark XLII~ ^^ There is a different for this post, Beside posting the final artwork, i'm also will post on how i create this artwork~

* Click on the image to enlarge.

For the first step, i'll draw some draft sketch in the photoshop as per below.

After decide the final draft, i'll apply final line base on the draft line.

Once the final line is done, usually i'll draw it in comic style first before i color it.

After the comic style is done, i'll start to color it~! ^^

Here is some final artworks that i created. Hope you like them. :)

While preparing the artworks, i'm usually will work on some tumbler design for it. For below picture, i'm design in Japanese version.

At the end of the post, i'm also printing some of my artwork. :)

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