Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Some update of my drawing~

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

MS-06 ZAKU II (2001Version)

最近在商场走走逛逛时发现这个九岁SD模型 ZAKU II (MS-06F)!!! 好棒!!
于是就快快把它带回家~ 经过一轮组装后, 以下的成品就诞生啦~
迟些上载多些关于它的照片。。 敬请期待吧~!

以下的照片是使用Canon 7D 所拍再用photoshop 自行加工。 谢谢Johnson Lam让我试用那很棒的相机~

Recently when i doing some window shopping, i found this 9 years old model kit~ ZAKU II or A.kA. MS-06F!!!.. sooo cool! Without thinking of any, i bought it back. After a series of assembly and decal, finally i finished it~!! yahoo~
I will upload more photo after i having some photo session with it. For the time being, please enjoy this. :)

Thanks to Johnson Lam for let me using his Canon 7D~! Cool machine~!!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IRON Man and Mycarlao

继上次的一页完漫画后, 接着是IRON MAN 与麦卡捞的小小CrossOver 也加上了一些自己的设计. :P
经来看了不少有关于IRON MAN 2 的宣传片段,心里有着无数的兴奋!!

想着想着就把这个header画了下来。期待五月的到来。。~ 哈哈
迟些或许可以是想想把麦卡捞与其他角色来下CrossOver。。 嘻嘻

After the comic, what's coming out will be this Iron Man and Mycarlao little crossover (add on some design from mine). :P
Recently i had watch few video that related to the Iron Man 2. I was really can't wait to watch this cool movie.

While think and waiting, i created this header.
Well, may be later i can think that to have a some crossover between Mycarlao and other anime character. :P hehe.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

一些更新... Some New Update.. Delusion and Reality

距离新年回来到现在已有些时候。。 发觉自己好像突然在这博客蒸发了。。大都因为忙于现在的工作。。 多希望我能分身。。好多画点特别的。


Hi All,

After back from the Chinese New on Feb.. I was busy with my work until i was less spending time on drawing thing.. too busy...

This time i would to show you guys my first completed one page comic!!! :P
Recently i heard a story from my friend and it make me feel like i need to present it in comic style. So i start to work on it and complete this. Hope you guys like it. :)

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