Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mycarlao first Character Design~!!!!

Hey everyone,

Here i just finished the mycarlao first character desgin.

Basically from this picture, you will see that mycarlao always have a headset on his heard which
he is a music lover and he will have lot of different kind of headset on his head each time he come out.

Also he is a model kit fan(especially gundam). So his shoes will be gundam look alike foot :P

For more about Mycarlao, stay tune on this blog and i will bring you more about him :)

Enjoy the pic ~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miku Miku Kagami (Cosplaying Miku Hatsune)

Long time no post up anything fun here.. Hehe. Because recently was crazy on the daily working stuff.. really tired about it.. but is ok because it still have fun on the the blog thing, photo-ing some nice model kit and drawing some stuff :p

This model kit was known as miku miku kagami. She is cosplaying a vocaloid who name as miku hatsune. The model was really cute and can have fun by changing the part to have different emotion, movement and action. Have fun on this post :)

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